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What is it?

ComputerCraftEdu brings programmable turtle robots to Minecraft!

It is a new way to learn computational thinking inside Minecraft. Players will start with a tile-based interface to learn the fundamentals of programming in a fun, accessible environment. They will be engaged and motivated to find ways to use turtles to automate and extend their usual Minecraft activities. Whether you are completely new to programming or you already have some experience, ComputerCraftEdu is an easy and fun way to learn important real world skills and get creative on a whole new level.

Getting started

There are a couple of different ways to install ComputerCraftEdu. It comes included in MinecraftEdu but can also be downloaded separately for both MinecraftEdu and regular Minecraft. Choose your role below and we'll walk you through the process!

  • I'm a teacher

  • I'm a player

  • I'm a parent

  • Help

    A selection of useful links from getting started to digging deeper in the world of ComputerCraftEdu

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    About us

    TeacherGaming is an independent game development company of teachers and developers based in the United States and Finland. Our mission is to expand game-based learning into classrooms worldwide. From the very beginning we wanted to make something completely different from traditional learning games and began by modifying Minecraft to meet the needs of teachers.

    We quickly realized that there was a great demand for this type of product. Since programming and computational thinking are becoming more and more important skills in the 21st century we decided to take it even further. We teamed up with an awesome modder Dan200 to use his mod ComputerCraft as an introduction to coding. The result was ComputerCraftEdu, which we are proudly presenting on this website!

    We haven’t stopped there either: entertainment games have a lot of potential in education and our focus as a company is now in repurposing entertainment games for educational setting. In 2014 we launched our second game, KerbalEdu.

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    ComputerCraftEdu is a mod based on ComputerCraft, a popular mod that adds turtle robots and a host of other technology to the world of Minecraft. The Edu-version was created with Dan200 the creator of the original mod. The regular mod is also included in ComputerCraftEdu.

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